Tips and advice for a great blog!

 This video outlines three very important steps to blog effectively by Marco Moeschter.

But now, I am going to share tips that I believe are key to creating a great blog!

To create a good blog you need to put yourself into your readers shoes.

First, identify what is it that your audience is looking for and then find creative ways to present that content.

Also, try to include images or videos into most of your blog posts. People love visual images and are more inclined to keep reading if a picture of video captures their attention.

Be clear and concise in all your posts. Try to communicate only ONE key message for every post and back up the information you are presenting with research or credible sources.

Syndicate your content! Share your blog on Facebook, Twitter and different platforms you use. This will generate more traffic to your blog and will give your posts greater reach.

And finally, have fun! Try to make your content engaging and interesting. No matter how serious your blog topic is, always try to insert a little bit of your personality. Perhaps a joke, or add personal insights!


Hope you enjoyed my blog! Hasta pronto 🙂



Accents, accents, accents

People often comment on my accent as soon as they meet me. Some people say I have a very good English and they can barely hear my accent. They continue adding that they find it very surprising that I have only been in Canada for four years.  However, others say that my accent is very “sexy” and they sometimes laugh at it. I find this really funny because this happens to me when I talk to my sister as well. Sometimes I think: “wow, she is so good speaking English!” while other times I’m just like: “you are just a fob”.

I find this really funny and interesting and would like to know what you think about accents! Feel free to leave me a comment and I will reply!

Follow this link: and find out the 12 “sexiest” accents in the world!

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Adapting to a new life

I arrived in Canada four years ago. At first, it was very difficult to adapt to a different language, a different weather, different people and a complete new country. However, with time and patience things started to look up for me and my family. I’ve browsed the web several times for tips for Canadian newcomers and I found this very interesting link I would like to share with you:

Thank you, and enjoy!